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NRG Global Power technicians are fully qualified, competent users of the Optalign, Rotalign, Rotalign Pro and Rotalign Ultra alignment systems for aligning direct drive rotating equipment, covering both horizontal and vertical alignments.

Precision shaft alignment reduces operating costs and significantly extends equipment life. All aspects of alignment covered from turbo generator sets to carden shafts. The latest fully comprehensive electronic reporting system is employed complete with suggested / recommended tolerances.

By implementing good shaft alignment practice you can expect to:

  • Improve plant operating life and reliability
  • Reduce cost of spare parts such as mechanical seals and bearings
  • Reduce maintenance labour costs
  • Improve production plant availability
  • Reduce production loss caused by plant failure
  • Reduce the need for standby plant
  • Improve plant operating safety
  • Reduce costs of power consumption on the plant
  • Obtain better plant insurance rates through better operating practice and results


  • Improve reliability
  • Extend bearing and mechanical seal life
  • Reduce vibration
  • ISO-Compliant reports
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