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RoTab Shims

Hand & Finger Injury Risks

1. Hand and Finger injuries make up nearly 50% of incidents.
2. There were 186,830 (2013) nonfatal occupational injuries that involved days away from work.
3. Finger injuries led with 31.44% of total incidents.
4. Caught between objects was the main cause.
5. 6 Days:- The average time missed from work due to a reported hand injury.
6. $6,000:- The average claim amount of a hand injury.  Each 'lost-time workers' compensation claim reaches nearly $7,500.
                   Source: Bureau Of Labour Statistics

In view of the above statistics we have designed RoTabâ„¢.  If you care about your employees welfare, then this shim design will keep your Health & Safety department happy.

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