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Shekhupura, Pakistan 7 x TM 2500 36 Month Rental Power Project

Shekhupura, Pakistan 7 x TM 2500 36 Month Rental Power Project

Task Ahead:

  • The 6 acre site was Cleared, prepared and gravelled in 35 days.
  • The man camp was constructed at site and connected to all services in 21 days from delivery to site.
  • We managed 22 expats and 230 local contractors during the construction period.
  • 14.5 km of cable was laid on the project site.
  • Over 1,200 tonnes of freight shipped to site.
  • First 6 units average build was 30 hours each. (Approx. 180 Man-hours)
  • Seventh unit was built in 24 hours. Alignment completed in just 3.5 hours.
  • Site start to mechanical completion of TM's was 86 days. Site start to BOP completion was 100 days. Site start to COD was 115 days.
  • 24-7-365 O&M target


  • Security - Changed security services during construction.
  • EHS - Environmental issues. Living quarters, camp food and hygiene. Flooding and site drainage.
  • Scope delays.
  • New unit reliability.
  • Fuel issues and subsequent engine changes and hot sections at site.
  • 7 x semi-annual inspections, 7 x annual inspections per annum.
  • Took the availability from 93% to 96% against a guarantee of 92% over three years.
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