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Ghorashal, Bangladesh 4 x TM 2500 36 Month Rental Power Project

Ghorashal, Bangladesh 4 x TM 2500 36 Month Rental Power Project

Task Ahead:

  • We managed 18 expats and 150 local contractors during the construction period.
  • Installation of 8kms of cable was laid on the project site.
  • Over 700 tonnes of freight shipped to site by sea and barge.
  • Overcame severe damage and theft to all four units by pirates off the Bangladesh coast at Cos's Bazaar. Two units required major repairs at site and two units were completely replaced.
  • From Delivery including repairs and replacement's mechanical completion was 111 days and COD was 135 days.


  • First 60 days with no accommodation or sanitation on site and a 3 hour journey in each direction from the hotel.
  • Rewire accommodation to eliminate dangerous wiring faults.
  • Water supply contaminated with lead, mercury and faecal coliforms.
  • Security systems implements to counter petty theft from site. CCTV, lighting and fencing.
  • EHS - Environmental issues. Living quarters, camp food and hygiene.
  • Pirate damage and repairs.
  • Fuel issues and subsequent engine changes and hot sections at site.
  • HR - Labour support and long-term strategy.
  • Pollution of units and staff from adjacent plant. Generator cleaning and repairs. High use of filters & water wash requirements.
  • Took the availability from 80% (First 6 months) with contamination issues to the current 97.4% average since the issues have been resolved.
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